Ceremonies and Rituals connects us with cycles in nature.

When we synch with the cycles in nature, it helps us to harness cosmic vital energy- prana, qi,ki, chu’lel

When I was in my Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture Program, I held drum circles to hold space for myself and my fellow classmates and colleagues during stressful times. I also have done a lot of inner process work, rituals and ceremonies to facilitate the unfolding of my inner goddess and inner yogini which has helped my deeper trauma and as way of healer healing thyself. I look for opportunity to connect with nature's cycles to support energetic shifts within and also offer it to my community.


Medicine Wheel of Time and Harnessing Cycles of Nature


We also have a tendency to think time as linear but time is also experienced in cycles.

We may not find same events to recur because change is constant, yet energetic opportunity present themselves to confront and release patterns and emotional triggers.


Equinox: Midpoint between the solstices Fall and Spring Seasons

Solstice: Summer and Winter Seasons


Full moon ritual: Powerful time for completion, release, gratitude for abundance

New Moon ritual: Powerful time to seed intentions, welcome abundance and new beginnings,


What is a Tea Ceremony Meditation

I have been holding healing workshops with seasonal changes locally around fairfield county and offering meditation with Tea ceremonies as a way to allow connection in the group

Tea Ceremony is practiced in different parts of Asia, especially Japan.A way of meditatively, connect with each other, slow down and experience the healing power of plants.

It is important to connect with tea with all the senses,a  powerfully engaging and meditative experience.


Cacao-Ceremony comes from Mayan Shamans who brewed Cacao and sipped it together with community to  heart chakra, cultivating compassion and kindness for ourselves and each other. I have received training with Heartblood cacao to facilitate Cacao Ceremonies. These ceremonies integrate various modalities such as meditation, process work, chanting, journaling to facilitate the healing from trauma,old patterns, memories, etc.Cacao is also great Liver cleanser as well as Roasted Dandelion, Chicory, Barley, Buckwheat which are used in Asian Medicine and now gaining popularity as great alternatives to coffee. 

They help to Giving Adrenals a pause while cleansing the Liver.



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