Ceremony + Ritual

Ceremonies and Rituals connect us with cycles in nature. When we synch with the cycles in nature, we harness cosmic vital energy, called prana, qi,ki or chu’lel. Ceremonies are a memorable way to connect with one's community and inner healing power.

Medicine Wheel of Time

We have a tendency to think time as linear but time is also experienced in cycles. Change may be constant, yet energetic opportunities often present themselves in a cyclical pattern to confront and release our patterns and emotional triggers.

Some cyclical transitions include:


Equinox: Midpoint between the solstices Fall and Spring Seasons


Solstice: Summer and Winter Seasons


Full moon ritual: Powerful time for completion, release, gratitude for abundance


New Moon ritual: Powerful time to seed intentions, welcome abundance and new beginnings


Tea Ceremony Meditation

Tea Ceremony is practiced in different parts of Asia, especially Japan, and is a wonderful way to process seasonal transitions. Tea ceremony facilitates a gentle group connection, calm and focus, meditation and an experience of the healing power of plants. Tea connects all of the senses and is a powerfully engaging and meditative experience.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony originates with the Mayan Shamans who brewed Cacao and sipped it together in group ritual. Dr. Gandhi has trained with Heartblood cacao to facilitate modern Cacao Ceremonies that integrate meditation, process work, chanting and journaling. to facilitate the healing from trauma,old patterns, memories, etc.Cacao is a powerful Liver cleanser and facilitates healing from trauma and old patterns.

Sri Wellness Space: Sacred Group Healing 

Sri Wellness Space is co-created space when a group comes together for self healing, community healing and planetary healing. The group field effect promotes abundance, gratitude, compassion, coherence and inner peace.

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