Lifesavers Healing Together
Dr. Tanvi Gandhi, Board Member


About Lifesavers Healing Together:

Military, Veterans, Law enforcement Officers, and First Responders selflessly place themselves in life threatening situations every day. The psychological and physical toll taken on these heroic men and women is severe and can be life altering.

Lifesavers Healing Together is working to create a Wellness Center providing a safe haven for our bravest. A place to heal, to learn, to strengthen and to rehabilitate alongside their brethren.

The center being planned will be a stimulating, clean, and inviting environment. We will be committed to provide the best services by the most professional staff, which will include service personnel who have been the line of fire themselves. They know the dangers, they are aware of the associated trauma and are dedicated to help through therapeutic measures they have studied and mastered.

In addition to the highest standard of service we will also be vigilant in treating all who use our facility with dignity, respect and confidentiality.

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