"Dr. Tanvi’s treatments have become an important part of my wellness routine and a gift I give to myself."

"Dr. Tanvi is a  compassionate, intuitive and skillful acupuncturist who is a truly gifted healer for the mind, body and soul. She always seems to have a sense of what my body needs each session and my body truly craves the calming, peaceful and grounding feeling of my energy flowing throughout my body." ~P.


"Over this past year, Dr. Tanvi’s treatments have become an important part of my wellness routine and a gift I give to myself." ~ R.J. 


"Dr. Tanvi Gandhi is truly an amazing practitioner. I began my treatment with her in full adrenal fatigue after multiple traumatic life events tore me down. Tanvi cultivates an environment that promotes multidimensional healing for all her clients! After just a few sessions of acupuncture, holistic remedies and support I noticed I felt more balanced, experienced less fatigue, and was better able to cope with life's stressors.  She is truly a wonderful and inspiring woman. I am so happy I had the ability to work with her." ~ B.F.


"Dr. Tanvi Gandhi so patient, kind and truly interested in guiding me with suggestions for my issue. She also recommended acupuncture and meditation, a new experience to me, that she held in group sessions, which I began attending. I have had very successful results and continue to be part of her mid-week community retreat. She is so giving of herself and truly wants to help people and continues to guide me with other questions and issues that I have. I'm honored and grateful to be part of her growing community." ~ M.Z.


"Tanvi has been a gift in my life. I have benefited from her expertise in various healing modalities and her intuitive ability to customize them to my needs. In each session, I feel held in a sacred space of divine love, a potent form of healing in its own right. I highly recommend her as a practitioner." ~ C.W.


"Tanvi has such a gift as a doctor and healer. Her sensitivity, intuition, and knowledge are truly holistic approach. She has been an incredible support throughout my healing process. I’m so grateful and highly recommend her to anyone for better overall health."~ J.P.


"Completely transformed after meditation & acupuncture. Earlier today, I was wound up over how
a female ref spoke to my son at a game & frustrated by how much my butt hurt from spinning class."~ S.O.


"Dr. Tanvi Gandhi is a kind and compassionate acupuncturist. Her innate sense of wellness combined with acupuncture precision makes for a wonderful healing experience. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Gandhi for various ailments my health has improved and so has my overall well-being. Whether it’s in a group setting or a private session, she encourages calmness and balance in mind and body. I always feel peaceful and energized after a treatment. She is a very skilled healer and wise beyond her years."~ R.M.


"Tanvi is an excellent listener and never rushes you; she is beyond caring, and she seems to have a special sense that allows her to see and open the channels in your body that are blocked." ~ P.


"I find that Tanvi is wholly compassionate, empathetic, and very knowledgeable healer. She always has daily self-care practices that are practical and yoga tips to promote and nourish a better mind-body connection.  Ongoing professional development is also a part of Tanvi’s practice.  She is a wealth of knowledge; and she puts into her practice new learning along with her experience. In this way she is able to work in concert with old and new learning so that each treatment manages any symptoms or issues I am facing. Tanvi has helped promote the natural ability of my body to heal and helped me to heal chronic issues." ~ A.Z.

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